Orthodontics for Children, Teens and Adults in Fort Worth

At Dr. Batton, Dr. Harlin and Dr. Wilkinson’s dental practice, we offer diverse corrective solutions for crooked, crowded teeth. In addition to Invisalign clear braces, we also provide short term orthodontics and traditional braces to serve teen and adult patients. The Six Month Smiles system delivers straighter teeth quickly by moving only those that are visible when you smile, while traditional orthodontics is focused on moving all teeth into proper alignment for optimal bite positioning. Based on your individual needs and the dentist’s evaluation, you’ll receive the orthodontic care that’s in your best interest and meets your goals.

Six Month Smiles

This new and exciting way of straightening teeth offers our patients many benefits:

  • Dramatic results in as little as six months!
  • Reduced cost due to shorter treatment time
  • Your bite will remain the same
  • Tooth colored brackets are nearly invisible
  • Well-suited for busy adult lifestyles

Traditional Orthodontics

Wearing braces can do more than make a smile cosmetically appealing. Did you know that a misaligned bite contributes to headaches, neck pain, and other jaw-related discomfort? In addition, well-spaced, straight teeth are less susceptible to gum disease and decay. Dr. Batton, Dr. Harlin and Dr. Wilkinson perform tried-and-true orthodontic treatment using metal or clear brackets. These braces effectively create an ideal bite and jaw alignment, which can alleviate many of the issues associated with a crooked or crowded set of teeth. Many of our younger patients receive the most benefits when both their smile and their bite is the best it can be!


Please refer to our Invisalign page that describes this wonderful way to straighten your teeth.

Call our Fort Worth dentist office to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Batton, Dr. Harlin or Dr. Wilkinson, and begin enjoying the health benefits and renewed confidence that a straighter set of teeth can bring.